The “Perils of the Sea”-man Status Question: The Fifth Circuit Falls Behind FELA’s Advancements in Remedies in Favor of the Continued Confusion Surrounding the Seaman Definition

Larry Naquin worked four years for Elevating Boats, L.L.C. (EBI), as a vessel repair supervisor on a fleet of lifeboat vessels, spending 70% of his time inspecting, cleaning, painting, performing engine repairs, and replacing damaged parts. These vessels were usually jacked up, docked, or moored, but two or three days a week, he would do his […]

The Safe-Berth Warranty and Its Critics

This Comment defends the safe-berth warranty from its critics and argues that the Fifth Circuit should reverse course and adopt the safe-berth warranty. Part II provides an overview of the safe-berth warranty, unpacking the definition of a safe port and cataloging the defenses and mitigating doctrines that may allow the charterer to escape liability. Part […]