Tulane Comes to Panama…II

Our Tulane Maritime Law Conference in Panama was a huge success. The Tulane Maritime Law Center in conjunction with the Maritime Law Association of Panama put on a maritime law seminar called “Tulane Comes to Panama II.” Roberto Roy, the Minister for Canal Affairs for the Republic of Panama, gave the keynote address. Later that […]

The 2017 Houston Marine Insurance Seminar showcases innovative approaches to risk in the wake of Harvey

By: Chelsea Crews, Senior Articles Editor (Sept. 21, 2017) The 2017 Houston Marine Insurance Seminar was held this week in Houston, Texas. The Tulane Maritime Law Journal was there in force, with two current senior members volunteering on Monday and alumni present as attendees. The Seminar, organized by Marine Insurance Seminars, Inc.,[1] attracted more than 500 […]

Electronic Bills of Lading: A Never-Ending Story?

Over the last few decades, computer software and web-based operations have sparked the rise of paperless transactions, shaping how people communicate, organize information, and do business. However, the shipping industry has failed to catch on. For years now, legal maritime commentators have urged the shipping industry to embrace electronic technology expeditiously. 2 Regardless, paper documents […]

Sailing to Calmer Seas: The United Kingdom Insurance Act 2015 and Its Potential Effect on United States Marine Insurance Markets and Law

Prior to the mid-twentieth century, the seas were virtually calm in the field of marine insurance, with uniformity of law existing in both Britain and the United States. Marine insurance laws between these countries developed from English jurisprudence originating between the seventeenth and nineteenth century. However, a distinct divergence emerged after the United States Supreme […]